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I have noticed people love puppets or are afraid of puppets or really do not understand them.  I love them, the making, the manipulation, their infinite characters, finding each ones unique voice and the fact you can get away with a puppet doing something that a person really cannot do...

I can create puppets to commission, working from illustrations or ideas, using a variety of materials they are lightweight, user friendly and expressive.  Please contact me for further information.

In June 2015 I designed and produced three puppets for Light and Lark  and Sixth Sense Theatre for Young People theatre companies' show "Papillon".  This was presented  in Trowbridge, Swindon and Bath in July 2015 and June 2016.  Picture (C) O Benson.
Corvy Featherstone, seen right, is The Fireside Dragon's resident puppet.  Please visit Corvy Featherstone's blog site where you can find out more about his thespians view of the world, with links to some of his films!
Corvy Featherstone appeared in conversation with Dom McDonald in Trowbridge Arts Festival on Saturday 25 October, 2014, at Trowbridge Town Hall.
Corvy has a new friend - Hermione the Hare.  She also appeared in the Trowbridge Arts Festival in 2014 telling the tale of The Selfless Hare.
Bertie the Bookworm has appeared twice in Trowbridge Arts programme "Bedtime Stories".  Bertie has lived in Trowbridge Town Hall for 50 years, has  great appetite for books and through this digestion process is a font of knowledge and stories that he has 'read' through eating the books.
Burt and Ron the eagles appeared at Trowbridge Town Hall on Saturday 26 October 2013, taking a trip down memory lane.  Burt and Ron are joined by Rachael McDonald (puppet maker) and Aimee Holmes (puppeteer and actor).