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Nimlet's News

Welcome to the home of The Fireside Dragon, Nimlet the Dragon to those who know him, born of earth, water, fire and air, happily living his life curled up on the hearth with a watchful eye observing all around him.


These pages are dedicated to the musings of Nimlet The Fireside Dragon.  You can find archive newsletters and postcards written by Nimlet, documenting his day to day life, the life of your average Draco incendia.


Now a days you can find Nimlet on Facebook - being a modern Dragon


Postcards 2010 - a selection of Nimlet's postcards to his readers from 2010


Nimlet's News Archive issues  - read some of Nimlet's ramblings from this period


Nimlet has also kept various diaries over his 500 year lifespan - some of his memoirs can be perused online.