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Cobweb Jewellery
Wire is versatile when making jewellery.  Existing in a number of guages / diameters different guage wires can be twisted, woven and manipulated to form a never ending variety of shapes, styles and sizes.  Mixed with gemstone, glass and acrylic beads, new and vintage, the possibilities are endless.  Examples shown here include woven cuffs, twisted bangles and semi-precious gemstone pieces.  Each bead mix used is unique – the colours in each inspired by colours in the natural world and in art – the name given to each piece reflecting the source if the inspiration.

Enamelled copper wire, Picasso jasper & acrylic seed & buggle beads.  2". 2 magnetic clasps.  Detail right.



Copper wire woven cuff.  1 - 1 1/2 ".  Gold plated magnetic clasp. 
Pre-loved 1930's beads.  Detail right.



Silver plated copper wire. 1" cuff, silver plated magnetic clasp.  Acrylic beads.




Silver plated copper wire & amethyst twist cuff.



Blue dot white jasper & crackle quartz silver plated copper wire bangle.  Detail right.



Woven enamelled copper wire.  Glass pearls & beads.  2".  Detail right.




Woven silver plated copper wire pendant.  Amethyst & glass beads.  18".


Gold plated wire wrapped agate on satin ribbon. 16"



Two strand weave amethyst &
haematite. Silver plated magnetic clasp.



Polymer clay & gold leaf beads.

Silver plated copper wire cuff ~2".