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The first hare on the top row is

earthenware, fired to 1080 deg C.

He has had lace impressed onto

him prior to firing which gives the

final texture that is then picked

out with the bronze finish.


The second hare on the top row has
had a text stamp pressed over him, leaving a range of words impressed
onto his body.  He is earthenware and

finished with a bronze effect.


The leash of hares on the right of
the top row are once fired
earthenware before their bronze

effect finish is added.


A kiln firing is shown to the right, you can just make out a pair of hare feet!



The second hare on the above row is white earthenware, fired with a wash of iron oxide and manganese to provide the colour.

The second hare on this row is

stoneware and has been fired to

1200 deg C.  The clay has had no

finishing effect added and is shown in its natural colour.


The drawings show rough pencil
and watercolour sketches of hares.


Some pen and ink, some with watercolour on poetry - available as originals (craft fairs and shops), prints and cards (craft fairs, shops and online).


Cards from original work, mainly hares, some occasional cats and other creatures, available to order for wholesale from Love from the Artist. See Shop for details.


Pictures on this row demonstrate the

versatility that polymer clay offers the sculptor.  The first picture shows a hare made of polymer clay, decorated with gold leaf, on a clock face.  The second shows a pendant with bronze mica powders and enamel.  Whilst the final picture is a bit of fun showing ring holders in bright bold colours.