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Please click on the link below to view a selection of work in the categories listed.

Portfolios of work, from which gifts and cards can be purchased, can be found on Love from the Artist and Zippi.



The hares page shows sketches and ceramics exploring the theme of this wonderful creature.  I have tried to capture some of the personality I find in the noble hare, sometimes creating characterisations with emphasis on the silky, attentive ears, or sometimes on the powerful legs that allow it to run elegantly across its ancestral English home, but always with alert expressive eyes.

Cobweb Jewellery 

The jewellery  page shows a variety of woven cuffs - each made with ~7ms of silver plated or coloured enamelled copper wire. The bead mix is never repeated so each cuff is unique.  Jewellery is available to purchase from The Shop at Trowbridge Town Hall.


The ceramics  page shows a range of creatures and sculptures made from stoneware and earthenware, inspired by nature, folklore and mythology.

Polymer Clay

The polymer clay page shows a mix of fae, fairy food, beads and other creations from polymer clay and mixed media.  This is a medium that I have worked in the past, but features little in my current work.  I will, no doubt, return to polymer clay in the future as it is such a versatile medium.